Outcross between irish setter and irish red and white setter 2018 – 5 puppies born 24. april – All puppies sold

For the first second time a planned outcross-breeding between irish setter and irish red and white setter are taking place in Norway. The candidates for this first generation outcross are irish setter Skogrypas Black Hawk (sire) and irish red and white setter Alvertoppens Ice-T (bitch). UPDATE: 5 puppies born on the 24th of april, 1 bitch and 4 dogs. All puppies are sold.

Klikk her for norsk utgave

The background for this mating is to answer the call from the Irish Kennel Club to breeders worldwide to participate in the International Outcross Programme, in order to increase the genetic diversity in the gene pool of the irish red and white setter. The the formal approval of this outcross mating from the Outcross Committee in the Irish Kennel Club dated 21th november 2017 can be read here: Outcross Approval

Irish setter:

Name of dog: Skogrypas Black Hawk
Registration number: NO55510/11
Microchip/Tattoo Number: Chip – 578098100343876
Gender: Dog
Pedigree: Skogrypas Black Hawk (NO55510/11)
Sire: Midtkiløras Milano II (14152/04)
Dam: Midtkiløras Lita (14164/04)

Irish red and white setter:

Name of bitch: Alvertoppens Ice-T
Registration number: NO52120/10
Microchip/Tattoo Number: Chip – 578077000074326
Gender: Bitch
Pedigree: Alvertoppens Ice-T (NO52120/10)
Sire: FTCH Craigrua Kansas (IKCX63725)
Dam: NUCH Toboggan´s Amazing Skadi (23102/06)


Irish red setter Skogrypas Black Hawk:

CLAD: Tested clear, AHT certificate number CL2260_19_06_2013

PRA rcd1: Tested clear, AHT certificate number IS2260_06_2013

PRA rcd4: Tested clear, AHT certificate number RCDD4660

Hip Dysplasia: Clear (A), Hip-score A Skogrypas Black Hawk

Shoulder height & general health certificate: Height at the shoulder 63 cm as stated in general health certificate from veterinarian at Sandviken Dyreklinikk dated 17.08.2017. Health Certificate Skogrypas Black Hawk

Two side profile photos:

Right side:
Skogrypas Black Hawk profil høyre
Left side:
Skogrypas Black Hawk profil venstre

Irish red and white setter Alvertoppens Ice-T:

CLAD: Heriditarily clear of CLAD.
Sire FTCH Craigrua Kansas heriditarily clear, see copy of Registration Certificate issued by the Irish Kennel Club
Dam NUCH Toboggans Amazing Skadi tested CLEAR, AHT certificate number CL1907

Von Willenbrands Disease: Tested clear, AHT certificate number SV299

Hip Dysplasia: Clear (A), NKK-certificate HD1-11067625 (available online on dogweb – the Norwegian Kennel Clubs pedigree database)

Shoulder height & general health certificate: Height at the shoulder 58 cm. Health Certificate Alvertoppens Ice-T

Two side profile photos:

Right side:

Left side:


Our opinion about this outcross

We are breeding irish red and white setters for hunting and field trials as our main objective. Ice-T was the first irws in Norway to accomplish 1st UK (youth field trial < 2 yrs). In show she has achieved Excellent five times and CERT three times. In her litter five out of 10 dogs have achieved field trial results in Norway and Sweden. Ice-T have one litter (9 pups) with Craigrua Dahy(X1) in 2015. Two of these pups have achieved 1st UK in field trial, another pup is awarded in retrieving-trials. This is the first time two irws from the same litter achieve 1st UK in field trial in Norway, and the first time an irws is awarded in retrieving trials in Norway.

The irish setter Black Hawk is a strong candidate with very interesting pedigree going back to old norwegian, danish, russian and irish lines. Black Hawk has 2 x 1st UK in field trial, and an 2nd in Open Class. Two other littermates also achieved 1st UK.
He is a hard working dog with great temper. In show he twice has achieved Excellent and CERT.

We are motivated to do an outcross because we see the need for new genetic input if the irws are to achieve success for generations to come as a healthy working dog.

The pups will be registered in the Norwegian Kennel Club (NKK) according to the rules & regulations in the Outcross Programme. The will be marked with (X1) in the registration number. The NKK is a member of FCI, and the pups will be issued an official FCI Pedigree Certificate from the Norwegian Kennel Club (NKK – member of FCI). Here you can see the members of FCI around the world.

Practical information

Ice-T got into heat in the beginning of february 2018. If all are successful there will be pups born in the end of April. These will be ready for pick-up eight weeks later, medio June.

All pups are delivered microchipped with puppy insurance, NKK-registration (FCI pedigree certificate), vaccinated, wormed and with a general health certificate (for puppies).

We live in Bergen, Norway. The nearest international airport with veterinarian for export of animals is in Oslo (OSL). We can help our buyers and send from there, Oslo is located approximately 500 miles from Bergen but we can travel there by car. There is also a car ferry going from Bergen to Hirtshals, Denmark.

Travelling with pets – airport information

Travelling with pets – information from The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (NFSA)

We have a kennel and can keep puppies for a longer period, in case of special export-rules regarding vaccination etc. We will charge a modest extra cost per week to cover our expences in such matter. Standard pick-up-date is when the pups are 8 weeks old.

If there are any questions please contact us. We are available via e-mail 24/7, and via phone +47 41 47 10 19 (Merete) or +47 90 98 14 14 (Thomas) after 4 pm during weekdays and anytime in the weekends. We live in CEST +1 timezone (Oslo/Berlin). You can check our local time here.

We ask all interested buyers to please fill out the form located on this page. You will then keep you updated on this litter.

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